"for the most commonplace event to become an adventure, you must – and this is all that is necessary – start recounting it." – Jean-Paul Sartre


This list has been building for awhile and includes both destinations and experiences. I will fulfill it so subscribe to stay tuned! Alcatraz Easter Island Maldives Panama City Isle of Skye Northumberland Dark Sky Park Mont-Mégantic Dark Sky Reserve Pic... Continue Reading →

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Budapest eating

25-26-27 Jul As you can probably tell from the title, this day was spent on my favourite activity - eating! First stop of the day was the Great Market Hall, a centuries old market place that has turned into a... Continue Reading →

Budapest sightseeing

25-26-27 Jul Headed out bright and early in the morning for the free walking tour. Just warning anyone who's interested that this tour is 2 hours and uphill. I only found out 1.5 hours in and by then it was... Continue Reading →

Budapest partying

25-26-27 Jul My goal in Budapest was simple - eat, explore, party and repeat. To facilitate this I stayed at the Carpe Noctem Vitae, a known party hostel but not one of the crazy ones. It had enforced quiet times... Continue Reading →

Old friends

23-25 Jul Trondheim I arrived around noon in Trondheim and wow it felt like the first day of exchange all over again. This airport I visited almost every weekend, the familiar 3 luggage belts and the bus I could see waiting... Continue Reading →

People aren’t always what they seem

21-22 Jul Oslo While the original title of this post was simply meant to be "MFST - Back to Norway", after writing the entire post I found it to be more of  cautionary tale and so found this new title... Continue Reading →

My First Solo Trip – Introduction

So it all started in August 2015 when I first went to Norway for my exchange studies and fell in love with the ease of travelling throughout the continent. A Singapore passport definitely helps too of course. So missing my... Continue Reading →

Bangkok with Momos

2-5 March 2016 So for those not in the know, the group of friends I made in my first year of hall life are known as Momos. This came about from the Mandarin way of referring to the guy/girl who... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

So I left Singapore on August 8th 2015 and I finally returned home on January 12th 2016. The flight back was not exciting, truthfully I did not look forward to coming home. I am not particularly attached to my family,... Continue Reading →

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